Please call for fees as each county and each individual situation are different.
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Carol Zimmerly Florida Bar # 49603


1. Preparing a complaint for eviction for possession 
2. Civil cover sheet 
3. Preparing a certificate of mailing 
4. Preparing a 5 day or 20 Day summons - 5 day / 20 day depends upon counts associated
5. Preparing a motion for a clerk's default 
6. Preparing a proposed clerk's default 
7. Preparing a motion for a default final judgment for tenant removal 
8. Preparing a proposed order for tenant removal 
9. Preparing the writ of possession

COUNTY FILING FEE -  Begins at $195.00, with additions based upon number of tenant, whether or not you want to pursue past due rent, aka money damages.
PROCESS SERVER FEE - Begins at $45.00 per defendant
WRIT OF POSSESSION - $90.00 to enforce tenant removal, flat fee per property.The average cost to evict and regain possession is $740.00 for one defendant and $795.00 for two defendants.The average cost to add and pursue a Count Two for Money Damages Judgment is $545.00 for one defendant and $590.00 for two defendants.  These costs may be higher or lower depending upon your individual situation.

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