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1. How much is this eviction going to cost me?

A Typical eviction requires a 3 or 7 day notice, (depending upon the reason for eviction), filing of paperwork with the Clerk of Courts, and Attendance to the hearing.  Sometimes, a Writ of Possession must be enforced by the County Sheriff for removal of tenants.  Please see the Fees tab for a breakdown of fees.  Before a lawsuit starts, the owner usually must properly prepare and properly deliver a notice to the tenant.  You may wish to hire me to prepare these notices so that your lawsuit is not delayed due to a voided Notice.

2. How long does the process normally take?

The facts control, so anywhere from four weeks to two months or longer.  Some factors include:  whether the Tenant files an Answer with the Clerk of Courts;  whether the Answer has a valid defense to the Complaint;  how busy the Court docket is;  how busy the Sheriff's Office is, if the pre lawsuit notices are valid.

3. Do I have to appear in court, or can the attorney appear for me?

It is best for the owner or property manager to appear, however the attorney can appear on your behalf.

4.  What happens after the Writ of Possession is Granted?

Typically the Management or Owner must be present when the Writ of Possession is served by the Sheriff's Deputy.  The Sheriff will remove the individuals, and the owner or property manager must remove tenant belongings.5.  What areas do you cover?  We cover all of central Florida.  including:  Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City, Lakeland, Mulberry, Wahneta, Winter Haven.

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